Marijuana Bud/Flower

Single grams of some super dank weed (marijuana flower) here can go for as little as $4 each and, brace yourself, NOTHING over $10 for a single gram of cannabis flower. 420 Holiday has the best prices.

Eighths (3.5 grams) range from $10 for a bag of some budget friendly bud to $40 for some sticky icky that took a lot of time and love to bring to us here at the pot shop.

Ounces (28 grams) can be found as little as $28 (depending on supplies) for some shake (finding tiny little delicious buds throughout wouldn’t be out of the question with some of our cannabis strains and brands of pot), and the prices go up from there. $50 ounces of bud can be found. Huge stock of ounces of cannabis for UNDER $100!


Concentrates/BHO/Dabs are priced beautifully. Really. $8 grams keeps you dabbing and we have that, for you, just you, the best customers in the world (quite tasteful in choice of weed shops too…). 420 Holiday has SEVERAL strains and brands of concentrates priced at $10 a gram. Then, always, always look for them $12 and $15 grams, they are fire. Period. There are some $20 grams, $25 grams, $30 grams. You’ll find sativa, indica, hybrids. The strengths and THC amounts vary and you can find different cannabis concentrates that test out at 50% and some that test out at 97%.

Cannabis-Infused Products

Edibles/THC Drinks/ Gummies/ Marijuana-Containing Consumables in a Form for Ingesting. 100mg THC chocolates (various flavors) $15, tinctures (various brands and types) $20 – $60 (selection and availability varies). THC or cannabis gummy candy does come across the shelf from time to time.

420 Holiday Motto

Know this: it will be priced with your budget in mind. We want you to get what you want and/or need in our pot store – 420 Holiday…the prices reflect that desire of ours.

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