420 Holiday Background

420 Holiday Longview Cannabis has been offering low priced, quality marijuana products since September of 2014. We offer marijuana flower, cannabis concentrates (dabs, shatter, wax, oil), cannabis infused edibles (including candy, cookies, drinks), pre-rolled joints (including flower, shake, infused), lozenges, and many other products related to the responsible consumption of marijuana.

Who Can Buy Marijuana?

We offer for sale cannabis products for recreational use to anyone 21 years of age or older with valid id cards.

420 Holiday also offers medical marijuana to anyone eligible. To find more, click this link: WA State Medical Marijuana Info.

Is Marijuana Legal?

YES, it is legal to purchase, be in possession of, and consume cannabis in the state of Washington.

420 Holiday operates under Initiative 502, passed by voters in Washington State November of 2012. Want to know the law? Follow this link .

Any other questions? Then come on in to our pot shop in Longview and find out for yourself why 420 Holiday is so popular among locals and visitors from around the country.